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Tacoma raccoon trapping

Tacoma didn't used to have a raccoon problem. Back before the 1980's, raccoons were rare in Tacoma and lived in the more remote or undeveloped regions of Washington. But then they suddenly became more used to urban and suburban neighborhood settings, and are now found throughout Tacoma. While they are more urban animals, like rats or squirrels, we still regard them as special and talented animals, worthy of respect and humane treatment. We specialize in wild animals only, not pest insects, and we never use poison. We want to help you solve your raccoon problem, but we don't want to kill these animals! Call us at 253-292-5461 to discuss your raccoon issue.

In times in our life, we sometimes find ourselves dealing with wildlife one way or another and it's not hard to see why! Because of the rapid expansion of urbanization, wild animals have no choice but to adapt to man-made structures. Some animals like mice, rats, raccoons, birds, and bats favor man-made structures to hang out because they love being in the dark and undisturbed. When wild animals intrude on your property, they will cause extensive damages in your property while you're at the risk of getting fatal diseases. Our wildlife company is fully licensed and experienced in several services. Animal removal, insulation replacement, wildlife control, repairs, wildlife exclusion, and animal relocation. We answer our phone 24/7 by our courteous and informative staff. We are always available at any time and day because wild animals do not take a day off! Not only in providing quality service, but we also value our relationship with our customers. We appreciate all the feedback that our customers give to better improve our service to our community. Our experts provide effective preventive measures after dealing with the critters infested inside your property. If you see some signs or you hear them squeaking away, let us know and we will be there to take care of it for you.